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Best Black Braided Hairstyles with Extensions


  http://atoncegroup.qb-i.ru/libs/sitemap61.html чертеж коленчатый вал Best Black Braided Hairstyles with Extensions

Explore the gift of being created beautiful and look sparking by wearing colored dreadlocks coiled to the shoulders. Women the world over look up those unique Black braided hairstyles with extensions that stay longer and look fresh throughout.




Source; designideaz.com

Useful Tips on How to Grow Hair Faster – Dos and Don’ts


So many women cut their hair off in a fit of styling frustration and then regret it weeks later when they start to envy another’s long, flowing locks. If you’ve ever been in this position, chances are you’ve tried everything to discover how to grow hair faster. While there certainly isn’t any overnight miracle treatment, there are some things you can do to promote hair growth and improve its health.

Increased Growth at Home

Obviously, you can’t grow long hair in a week – or even in a single month. So how fast does hair grow? The average scalp will grow hair one quarter to half inch per month. And realistically, there is nothing out there that will make the natural hair on your head increase in growth speed, but keeping hair healthy does ensure long, undamaged locks that will allow you to hang onto more length.

Coconut oil is trending right now as a total fix all for everything from skin and hair to allergies and injuries. Sure enough, it does work well to bring life and health to your tresses. Coconut oil works to naturally nourish your scalp and remove product build up from hair follicles, thus clearing the way for healthy growth. You can use coconut oil for hair growth after using your regular shampoo and conditioner – simply heat it up in a bowl with hot water and then massage it into your scalp after it’s completely melted. Wrap your head in a towel and leave it on overnight for maximum impact.

Castor oil for hair growth is also very popular. Mix some in a small bowl with your coconut oil. Since it contains ricinoleic acid and omega fatty acids, blood circulation to the scalp is theoretically accelerated. Thus, hair will grow and roots will be strong.

If you truly want to learn how to make your hair grow faster but don’t want to spend a lot of money, these home remedies are simple and affordable for any budget.

Home Remedies to Avoid

In the search for how to grow hair faster, some women choose to try vitamin supplements. Unfortunately, these aren’t always the safest option. While coconut and castor oils are topical and all-natural, not all supplements actually are. One of the best tips for hair growth is – if you have to physically ingest something, always tread with caution and consult your doctor.

One popular choice is Biotin. The hair growth products sold in health stores actually tend to contain approximately 2000% of the average person’s biotin needs, and this extremely high level can actually cause physical damage – including hair loss. While vitamins for hair growth may be FDA approved, they are usually not recommended and can actually bring more harm than good.

Keep Things Trimmed

It’s natural to fear the salon if you’re trying to grow hair longer, but in reality you do need regular trims. While they won’t help your hair grow faster, they will keep it looking healthier and abolish those rotten split ends that will force you to cut off more length in the long run if they aren’t prevented.


Visit your stylist every 10-12 weeks (not 6 weeks as the old recommendation goes) and have them trim off an eighth of an inch. If you are itching to learn how to grow hair faster, get your salon involved – as long as they promise to only stick to trims.

Keep Things Conditioned

When your hair is wet, you need to condition it. This rule goes for post-shower, swim or inopportune rain storm. Strands of hair start to thin when they are dehydrated, so use conditioner regularly to replace your shaft proteins. Knowing how to make your hair grow faster includes a daily conditioning treatment that you can remain totally dedicated to.

On the flip side, you really don’t need to shampoo your hair every single day. Shampoo is great at washing away buildup and grime, but it is also notorious for switching hair off its natural oils and suppleness. Instead, only shampoo when truly necessary and then focus only on the scalp area. The rest of your hair will catch up during your rinse.

Rinsing with cold water really does help grow hair and keep it healthy. The cold temperature lays down the outer layer of hair and locks in moisture that’s lost if you step right out of a hot shower.

Pamper Hair and Use Caution

If you want to be an expert on how to grow hair faster, start by treating it like royalty. Many women grew up being told that brushing your hair a hundred times per day will increase growth – but in reality, this just causes breakage. Instead, brush it as gently as possible and restrict it to once or twice per day. Using a natural boar bristle brush will really make an impact, as these are great at distributing natural scalp oil while being gentle on delicate strands.


Brushing your hair from the scalp down can actually cause more tangles, which in turn, causes you to lose hair that you’re so lovingly trying to grow long.

You also should think twice before wrapping your hair in a standard bath towel. This can cause huge amounts of breakage. Instead, go for a super thin microfiber hair towel when you want to turban up your hair after your shower.

Finally, get rid of common items that cause breakage and tangles. This includes a ponytail always in the same spot and even cotton pillowcases. Switch out your bedding for sateen instead of woven cotton and you’ll notice that your hair not only grows healthy, but stays tangle-free, too.

There are so many supposed tricks of the trade out there that claim to grow hair longer and faster – but the hard reality is the only way to grow long hair is through healthy hair. If you want long locks in the shortest time frame possible, utilize oils for hair growth as well as regular moisture renewal, gentle towels and bedding, and even treat yourself to a new brush. Avoiding money-making schemes like supplements and expensive “miracle” shampoos will keep you healthy as you wait for that beautiful hair to make its debut.

Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair [GOLDEN BROWN]


Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair

в м брадис четырехзначные математические таблицы Golden Brown

For bright colors without going all the way blonde, you need golden brown. One of the many benefits of golden brown hair color is that you can achieve this color without bleaching. Even if you have very dark hair, you still won’t need bleach for this color unless you want a much lighter shade than your natural hair color.

layered brown hair with golden brown highlights

There are two types of golden brown hair color – light and dark. Dark golden brown hair color looks best on golden and olive skin tones. Light golden brown hair color looks best on warmer skin tones too. It is not suitable for cool skin tones. If your desire is to brighten dull hair, both light golden brown and dark golden brown shades will make your locks look more vibrant.

brown hair with golden blonde ends

Your golden tresses will shine in the sun and help to add life to your winter wardrobe. This shade of brown is also low maintenance, so if this is your first time getting hair color, this is a good place to start. Same as with other brown hair dye shades, golden browns feature light golden brown and dark golden brown. Both shades look best on those with warmer skin tones. These shades are considered medium shades also.

light golden brown hair with lowlights

In the examples of golden brown hair here, you can see that the hair has a golden tone, but it isn’t brassy. If you have a cooler skin tone, you can still wear this color but consider an ombre or maybe just highlights.

dark brown hair with light brown and blonde highlights

Credit; therighthairstyle.com

Check this Braid Style


Very nice and simple. Recommended for your next week days…


Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair [PURPLE BROWN]


Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair

http://yuliaprokhorovashop.ru/about/sitemap65.html быть а не казаться автор цитаты PURPLE BROWN

Purple brown hair is more commonly known as burgundy hair color. This mix of purple and brown goes well with any skin tone. Since the purple has a cool tone and the brown has a warm tone, this shade will suit both warm and cool skin tones.

purple brown pixie hairstyle

In addition to working well with any skin tone, this color looks well with any hair cut and style. Whether it’s a blunt bob or long luxurious layers, purple brown hair will make both styles pop. Since it is a dark shade, you will not need to bleach your hair to achieve this color. Of all the brown shades mentioned in this article, purple brown will require the least amount of damaging bleach.

brown hair with pastel purple ombre highlights

There are two ways to make your hair purple brown. The first way is to use a permanent dye. The second way is to rinse your hair with a semi permanent hair color. If you have really dark hair, you may have to slightly bleach it to a natural dark brown in order to add the needed purple tones. Since you can use a semi permanent color to achieve this look, it will be easier to try this shade out without making a big commitment.

dark burgundy hair color

Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Jessie J are just some of the celebrities who have sported purple brown hair.

The important thing to remember is that even if you already have brown hair, you can use one of these exciting hues in order to enhance your natural hair color.

dark purple hair color

Credit; therighthairstyle.com

Nicest Rad Pompadour Hairstyles


Nicest Rad Pompadour Hairstyles

The strong vintage feel that only a pompadour can have is making a confident comeback. The look is achieved by creating extremely high volume on top with super short sides. The contrast in length adds interest, intrigue, and tons of drama. Not for the faint of heart, this haircut is for guys wanting to stand out from the crowd. It’s a great look for young men who want to look dapper and cool.

#1: Rolling it Back

The entire top section of hair is pushed forward and then rolled back. It looks like a wave and it’s a great option for super thick hair. To get hair to stand up and roll it back like that requires a ton of strong hold gel or hairspray. Cement your style into place so you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.

blonde pompadour hairstyle for men

#2: Curled Lengths

We are in awe about this modern pompadour and how it incorporates so many textured elements. The groomed beard, buzzed sides, and straight-plus-curly lengths on top all work together to create this fabulous look.

curly pompadour hairstyle for men

#3: High Top

Need to gain a few inches and look taller? These hair-raising men’s pompadour hairstyles definitely give you some height. This one is huge and totally raises the roof!

fun men's blonde pompadour

#4: Short and Sweet

There are so many variations of the pompadour haircut. This one is created on shorter hair but achieves the same rockabilly feel. If you have an oblong face and can’t afford a super high pompadour, try this more modest, neat variation. The volume is greatest on the top and in the front, and it fades back gradually. A nice short pompadour alternative!

short sleeked back men's hairstyle

#5: Outrageous Outline

A sharp design looks like it is carved into the hair to outline the top mohawk section. The creative detail really takes this look to the next level. Strong gels and hairsprays are required if you want to know how to style a pompadour so it holds all day long. Comb hair up and back so it stacks on top of itself.

pompadour with fade and shaved lines

Credit; therighthairstyles.com

Wedding Day Bliss Faux Hawk


Wedding Day Bliss Faux Hawk


The curly, looped faux hawk for women you see in this picture is exquisite and detailed enough for your big day. A series of twists and tucks, along with a bouffant in the front, is accented with delicate blooms in the fancy crown. They are tucked inside the faux hawk, drawing the eye up, up, and away!





Source; therighthairstyles.com

Short Weave Hairstyles You Can Easily Copy


Short Weave Hairstyles

From varying lengths to a myriad of color options, no two weaves are alike. This makes it a good choice for a black lady who desires something that tells her unique story without adding a lot of hassle or expense to daily life.

#1: Bold Bright Blue

Short weave hairstyles can incorporate it all – this one integrates varied lengths, layered and blunt cuts, side designs and a bold pop of bright blue color on the top layer of hair.

Asymmetrical Bob Weave With Undercut

#2: Straight and Curly

You can still look feminine with short hair – try a look like this that adds body and bounce with curls and longer straight sides. Go for long sideburns to soften an otherwise severe look.

Curly Black Pixie Hairstyle

#3: Silvered Sideswept Style

Lighten your hair for a lovely look that softens and brightens the face. Go for a straight, sideswept style when you want something girly yet simple to upkeep.

Short Gray Balayage Hairstyle For Black Women

#4: Rainbow Statement

The long, layered hair is made more striking with rainbow colors. Go with a regal blue or purple, or else go with a few unique hues that express your own personality. Ditch the short curly weave hairstyles for something longer and more original.

Asymmetrical Bob Weave Hairstyle

#5: Uneven Lengths

Short sew in hair is fine, but long sew in pieces of gorgeousness are even better. Try a style like this with beautiful blonde highlights mixed in with caramel, brown and black sections.

African American Asymmetrical Balayage Bob

#6: Fire Up the Sass

Redheads are known for being fun, feisty and fiery – but going with a day-glo orange makes even more of a statement to the world. This weave is shoulder length, but you can always go longer or shorter depending upon your own personal preference.

Red Sew In Bob Hairstyle

#7: Wave of Beauty

Short quick weave styles are popular with girls on the go – if you have a busy schedule, then a fast and simple weave enhancement is perfect for your hair.

Short Weave With Long Peekaboo Bangs

#8: Curly Top

Keep things cute and curly with this style that adds chunky waves all over the head along with two-toned color that will be the envy of every woman you pass.

Long Curly Black Pixie With Highlights

#9: Alternating Hues

One of the fun aspects of a weave is the ability to add a lot of different colors to it without a fear to damage your hair or get bored with the chosen hues. This style alternates hues for a short sew in that’s truly striking.

Two-Tone Short Weave Hairstyle

#10: Simple Black Weave

Skip all things complicated and go with short quick weaves that express your personality well. There’s no need for the hassle of daily high maintenance upkeep that will just put a damper on your day. Choose from a variety of lengths to find what works for you.

Black Pixie With Long Side Bangs

#11: The Natural Look

Weaves don’t always have to come with dramatic angles and head-turning colors. This version keeps hair a fine texture and a simple length, brightening things up with a subtle mahogany hue. Having a thinner weave will give both your scalp and sanity a much-needed break from heavy, long locks.

Two –Tone Hair Ideas and Inspiration


Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, there are no rules, but the absolute freedom in self-expression. Very delicate pastel hues, natural shades, silver tones or neon colors can be introduced into your new haircut to bring it to the top of trendy hairstyles.

#1: Mahogany Balayage

In stylist lingo, an ombre and a balayage are two different styles of coloring. It is crucial to understand the difference between asking your stylist for an ombre, and asking for a balayage. A balayage has a smooth transition between the dark and light color, however, the lighter color travels higher up on the head than an ombre. This technique gives the appearance of natural highlights throughout the crown area, and gradually becomes the lighter color exclusively on the ends.

Auburn Balayage For Dark Brown Hair

#2: Blonde Balayage

Two-tone hair for blondes usually means they have balayaged highlights throughout the head to achieve an organic color. Typically, this method is used to add depth and dimension to get a natural, surfer girl blonde. Another plus is that it is a freehand technique, cutting down a lot of the time you would usually have to spend watching your stylist wrap your hair in foils. Blonde balayage for brunettes is not as quick and would take much more time for bleaching.

Blonde Balayage For Brunettes

#3: Be Fearless!

Get funky with your color! Don’t feel pressured to stick to traditional blondes, reds, and browns. Trying unconventional colors can be as addicting as tattoos, so you have been fairly warned! The upkeep requires more work, but the results are more than worth it.

Black Hair With Gray Highlights And Green Ombre

#4: Two Colors, Two Cuts

Sprinkle a little extra something on your luminous tones by adding an undercut tattoo. A more literal form of “two tones” is having two tones of color, as well as two tones of cuts. Short hair with designs cut into it might be out of the question due to occupational reasons, but having that veil of longer hair to hide your inner spunk is a fast fix.

Black Hair With Nape Undercut

#5: Don’t Forget the UNDERtone

Two toned hair can also literally be two different tones of one color, such as red. Simple color patterns can be used to add depth by using two slightly deviant tones. For instance, using a high level red to contrast a medium, red-violet is an example of not needing to use technical color placement when you need a little more than just one, solid color.

Mahogany Hair With Bright Red Balayage

#6: High Contrast

Bringing pictures of your ideas is always a great way to get you and your stylist on the same page. Stylists tend to blend the lighter color into the darker one by progressively getting lighter down at the ends, but maybe you really wanted the distinction in colors. Finding a stylist that will give you exactly what you want, without pressuring you into their own ideas, is key to leaving the salon happy and with the color you walked in wanting. Definitely do your research when hunting down a stylist!

Black Hair With Chocolate Highlights

#7: Play With Placement

Half and half hairstyles do not always have to be a part down the middle of your head, one color on the left, and another on the right. Thinking outside the store-bought box of color can give you stand-out results. A contra color around the perimeter of the hairline is a spin-off of half-and-half styles. Two tones do not always have to blend into one another. Each color can have its set placement wherever you decide to place it on your head. Stay open-minded when attempting new styles!

Red Hair With Blonde Fringe

#8: Subtle Tweaks on Bold Styles

Half and half hair, with even two slightly differing colors, can give your hair that something extra it needs to not appear so basic or boring. Subtle placement is more noticeable on short hair, but it can make a bold statement. Even the most clever color patterns can be seen considerably better in pictures of short hair, making your desired look more manageable for your stylist to replicate.

Brunette Two-Tone Bob With Bangs

#9: Cool and Warm

When configuring colors to pair together on a half and half design, do not couple only warm colors or cool colors together so as to not take away from the contrast. Pairings of warmth and coolness are often less predictable and more attractive, as fresh solutions. Also consider the intensity, or vibrancy, of the final pair you choose. Using softer, pastel shades can help tone down a style perceived as a more alternative one.

Half Blonde Half Blue Hair

#10: Fringe-Worthy

Adding an accent of color to your fringe is a quick color service you can do on your own at home. All you need to weave in color at home is: a comb, a couple of foils, and your color. The only warning when using any bright colors, red specifically, to weave into blonde hair, is that these colors tend to bleed when you wash them, and can affect the overall tone of your blonde.

Blonde Bob With Pink Peek-A-Boo Highlights

10 Wonderful Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles


Wedges are great because of the flattering silhouette that lets you to have a voluminous crown and a neat nape within your short hairstyle. You can go for an elongated wedge, its classic version or a rather short cut, play with layers, textures and hair colors. Here are some cute ideas.

#1: Balayage and Tousled Strands

A stacked inverted cut is perfect for women with fine hair because it creates thickness throughout the crown of the head. Balayage highlights in the front of the style create a sense of weightlessness so that it doesn’t seem too dense.

wedge haircut with balayage

#2: Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Wedge hairstyles are marked by short layers in the back and longer pieces throughout the top. Even though there is a bit of a set formula, you still can have fun and make the look your own. A shorter section above one ear is an edgy asymmetrical detail that will help you stand out.

short asymmetrical bob haircut

#3: Colorful Comb Over

With short hairstyles it can be hard to get some added volume if you have fine strands. A deep side part and long layered bangs will lift your style and give you natural-looking body.

short hairstyle with side-swept bangs

#4: Red Hot

Those who really need volume should try a more extreme angle. The shorter layers in the back will create more bulk and make your style look fuller. With all of this weight, you will need a bright color throughout the top to break up the density.

red inverted bob

#5: Go for Gold

Not all wedge haircuts have to be cut at extreme angles or heavily layered. If you want a style that is easy to maintain yet still fashionable, this is the cut for you. It can be hard to pull off really light hair with pale skin, so make sure that you style with bold brows and a bit of eyeliner so that your features don’t get washed out.

extra short layered bob

#6: Too Cool for School

Borrow from the boys with a James Dean inspired style. The messy brushed back texture is cool and sexy, without trying too hard; styling with quirky black-rimmed glasses and drop earrings will make your face pop.

short layered haircut

#7: The New Bob

A bob haircut is a must-have haircut of the year. From celebrities to grade school girls, everyone is trading in long locks for a flattering short cut. Instead of blending in with everyone else, separate yourself with some well-placed highlights and an angled style.

inverted bob with balayage

#8: Posh Pixie

This may not look like your typical wedge haircut, but that’s the beauty of it. While it looks like a pixie, the stacked layers throughout the crown and the soft sweeping bangs make it different. Perfect for women with long faces who need a subtle-yet-stylish hairdo.

pixie haircut for mature women

#9: Soft and Sassy

A bowl cut can seem scary and it may not be flattering on all face shapes. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it altogether—just tweak it to make it work for you. Long side-swept bangs and a few layers will provide angles and structure to round faces.

short wedge haircut

#10: Maroon Maven

A perfect shape, lovely texture and beautiful color make a head-turning hairstyle. It’s all about the expert layering and strategically placed angles, enhanced by a beautiful hue.

short black hairstyle with burgundy balayage

Chic Milkmaid Braid Ideas


Present-Day Milkmaid Braids

Now it’s hard to say where exactly this updo originated from – Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, or, maybe, Greece – but today this style is universally popular and worn by fashionistas in every corner of the world.

#1: Milkmaid Braid with Bangs

If you adore the finesse of a classic braid and are longing for the effortless elegance that a milkmaid braid offers, consider styling your hair through a fusion of the two. The combination works amazingly for girls with bangs, so try it if your bangs aren’t grown out.

messy milkmaid braid updo

#2: Thick Milkmaid Braid

Not all girls are blessed with rich, long, thick hair, but those who are should definitely take advantage of the gift. Another aspect that makes this thick braid so beautiful is the chunky auburn highlights; by weaving highlighted hair into a braid, you get a super pretty result that makes the hairstyle even more interesting.

messy chunky milkmaid braid with highlights

#3: Dutch Milkmaid Braid

You can incorporate a Dutch braid into your crown-like hairstyle by dividing your hair with a middle part along the back and weaving two braids upside down. An alternative for using hairpins to secure the braids in place, a Dutch milkmaid braid will look and feel fantastic throughout the day and night.

milkmaid braid updo with dutch braids

#4: Pastel Purple Milkmaid Braid

It’s amazing what impact pretty pastel colors have had on beauty trends! Something that was once reserved for punk subculture is now worn by every other girl in the street. Pastel colors look equally pretty on short, medium and long hair alike. Purple, pink and blue are all personal hair color favorites for girls around the world, and they all look stunning with milkmaid braids.

pastel purple hair color and milkmaid braid updo

#5: Milkmaid Braid with a Scarf

Short hair? Don’t care! You shouldn’t let shorter locks stand in the way of your beautiful milkmaid braid; get a chic accessory like a bandana or a thin scarf and weave it into your braid. You will not only enjoy a fabulous braid, but also get that retro glam edge we all adore.

milkmaid braid for shorter hair

#6: Messy Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Several aspects make this crown-inspired hairstyle drop-dead gorgeous. First of all, a fishtail is used instead of traditional braiding. Secondly, two overlapping braids are done in a messy texture, creating a full and dynamic look. What could you want more for a stunning casual updo?

messy Blonde updo with fishtail braids

#7: Double Milkmaid Braid

If you’re not fond of fishtails but you still want a full milkmaid braid, use traditional braiding techniques while keeping the idea of two main braids. Ladies with long hair can easily try out a double milkmaid braid on any occasion.

milkmaid braid updo with two braids

#8: Messy Milkmaid Braid

Channel your bohemian roots with a messy milkmaid braid that won’t be too fancy for everyday wear. The key to a messy milkmaid braid that still doesn’t get out of control is to let a few locks fall free in the front and add a bobby pin every here and there.

loose and messy burgundy milkmaid braid

#9: Neat Milkmaid Braid

A neater alternative to the messy milkmaid braid is the sleek one. What the two have in common is the loose locks, but a sleek braid will have the rest of the hair elegantly secured in place.

classic milkmaid braid updo

#10: Fishtail and Milkmaid Braid Twist

If you can’t choose between a fishtail and a regular braid, you can always blend both as milkmaid braids. Use one fishtail braid and one traditional or Dutch braid and place them one next to the other for a double milkmaid. Make sure to secure any loose strands with bobby pins.

milkmaid braid with fishtail

#11: Thick Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Upgrade your fishtail braid game with a thick milkmaid hairstyle. Let a few strands naturally frame your face, take the rest of your long hair and weave it into a large fishtail braid. Bring it around your head and secure the braid with bobby pins.

updo with messy fishtail braid

The True Value of Brunette Hairstyles


The True Value of Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hairstyles are just as enviable, beautiful and swoon-worthy as the strands that are in the Team Blonde. Short, long, medium, layered and everything in between, brunette hair has a richness that gives it a healthy look whether you use a solid color or utilize different hair color techniques such as highlights, ombré and balayage.

Opt for an edgy, modern way to style your dark tresses or choose a classic and romantic look – the most important thing is that you have fun and experiment with different styles to get the most out of your brunette locks. For further inspiration, take a look at the photos below and get ready to have severe hair envy!

#1: Brunette High Crown, Long Braid

In terms of jaw-dropping brunette hairstyles, it seldom gets any more fabulous than this. With a hairstyle that would rival any Disney princess, this look features a voluminous teased crown and an extra long single braid that cascades down the back.

long messy braid with a bouffant

#2: Brunette Braided Braids

Keeping the braided brunette trend alive, long brunette hairstyles like this are almost too perfect to be true. Starting in the lower middle part of the head, several interlocking braids are placed throughout the hair, all the way to the ends. The intricate details make this look a true show-stopper.

chunky braid formal hairstyle for long thick hair

#3: Brunette Bun & Beehive

Combining two winning hairstyles together to achieve the ultimate brunette updo is exactly what you see in this picture. Here, a classic beehive is paired with a large bun, while a few long braids circle the head to form a crown and a beautiful rim for the main hairstyle pieces.

low bun with a bouffant and braids

#4: Brunette Messy Updo

Sometimes the best updos are those that don’t look perfectly coiffed, such is the case with messy brunette hairstyles like this one. With the added texture of medium-length curls, this updo achieves a cute messy look with stray pieces of hair escaping along the sides.

messy curly upfo for thin hair

#5: Brunette Chignon

There is something incredibly classy and romantic about a perfectly put together chignon that looks fabulous on a variety of hair lengths from long to short. This one is low on the nape of the neck and features a delicate beaded hair piece at the base for an added flair.

formal chignon updo

#6: Brunette Waterfall Braid

In case you don’t exactly know what a waterfall braid is, this style is sure to answer your question and have you running to your stylist to recreate it. Basically, a waterfall braid is started at the side of the head and carried over to the other side, but left slightly unfinished, with the length of hair going through it, to achieve the waterfall look. This photo shows how beautiful it looks on long thick brunette hair.

lace braid half updo

#7: Brunette French Roll

If elegance is your middle name, then this chic dark brown hairstyle is a great choice for a formal event. Great with long hair or even slightly backcombed medium length locks, this sophisticated French roll is lovely for special occasions or nights out on the town.

french twist wedding updo for brunettes

#8: Brunette Side Bun

Ditch wearing your brunette bun on the nape of your neck and opt for the low side location instead. Short, long and medium brunette locks all look incredibly cute when placed in a fuss-free side bun.

messy side low bun for shorter hair

#9: Brunette Braided Updo

For all the edgy girls out there who are longing to embrace their inner rockstar, this polished look is highly recommended. Brunette hairstyles that are this funky and modern are fitting for a variety of occasions where you want to shine and turn more than one head.

fauxhawk formal updo

#10: Brunette Curls

Embracing your natural hair texture is the best way to not only showcase your beautiful curl pattern, but also have you trying out different styles that suit your hair type best. This naturally curly medium length look is kept simple by parting the hair in the middle, twisting a section on each side and securing it with Bobby pins, while the rest of the curls are left to roam freely.

medium half up hairstyle for natural hair

Credit; therighthairstyles.com


Beautiful Braids


She look beautiful with that smile



Optimal Receding Hairline Haircuts


Receding Hairline Haircuts

Ever popular Mohawks and Fauxhawks plus trendy undercuts and long top short sides styles are all capable of making a receding hairline less evident if not eliminating it completely. Here are some great examples.

#1: Faded Hawk

Youthful and bold, this is one out of many receding hairline haircuts you won’t see on a grandpa. Instead, this fun and funky combination of a fade cut and a faux hawk is popular with millennials and those a bit older who just like to have a good time.

mohawk fade with shaved lines for men

#2: Hipster Chic

The best receding hairline style for trendy men is something simple yet flattering. By shearing the sides and focusing on facial hair and a thicker, slicked-back top section, your hair will appear fuller and more purposeful.

long top fade hairstyle for receding hairline

#3: Simple Design

Did you ever get a fade cut in elementary school and spend some time seriously deliberating over what awesome design to get carved into the nape? You can relive that moment with a cool haircut that works as an adult, too. Simply fading the hair and accentuating the bottom hairline with a design for added thickness can mask pattern baldness.

Caesar fade haircut

#4: Give it Some Height

Due to a receding hairline, men often feel a distinct lack of confidence. Hold your head high with this full on top look for guys who are great at concealing hair imperfections.

side parted long top fade for men

#5: Long and Loose

Sometimes the best way to hide a men’s receding hairline is to act confident and as if it really isn’t much of a bother. Grow hair longer to keep eyes off your hairline and admiring your romantic locks instead.

back-swept medium hairstyle for men

#6: Go Platinum

Bleach your hair if you want to minimize the appearance of balding. Good hair doesn’t always mean thick and dark – keeping things light and classy is just as beneficial when hair starts to thin.

blonde men's hairstyle for receding hairline

#7: Spike It Up

Hair products can work wonders when it comes to receding hairline hairstyles. Use some strong gel to spike things up and keep it held throughout the day.

spiky gray hairstyle for older men

#8: Sides Go Bare

If you want a haircut for men that’s insanely simple to maintain, shave the sides completely off, leaving a stylish tuft of hair up top. No one will know you’re losing your hair, and if you feel too exposed, grow some complementary facial hair.

mohawk with shaved sides for receding hairline

#9: Classic Clean Cut

Pictures of receding hairlines over the decades show often futile efforts at making a tricky situation any better – so why not just keep it real and simple? Grab a pair of hipster glasses and a collared shirt, plus, keep your hair clean cut, slicked back and ready to go.

taper fade haircut

#10: Do the Wave

Haircuts for receding hairline don’t have to be nerdy or old fashioned. Pump up the hair you do have into a stylish back wave. This is a trendy style for younger men, but it can work on any age.

pompadour hairstyle for men

Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair


Most Exciting Shades of Brown Hair

http://1sdubna.ru/catalog/sitemap10.html можно ли забеременеть после вакуума Ash Brown

One of the most popular shades of brunette is ash brown. In order to achieve the ash color tints, blue and green are added underneath the brown.

long layered ash brown ombre

This color looks best on medium and dark skin tones with pink or red undertones.

black to ash brown ombre

This brunette color is on the darker side, so if you have dark brown hair, you will not have to bleach drastically.

long straight brown hair with balayage highlights

brown hair with silver blonde highlights

brown hair with ash blonde balayage highlights

Credit; therighthairstyle.com

Quick and Easy Short Hair Buns to Try


Pros of Short Hair Buns

In some cases it may be more of a struggle (depending on length), but despite that, there are cute and stylish ways to create a bun even when you have short hair. Buns for short hair run the gamut from modern and edgy to classic and chic, it all depends on the style you want to achieve.

One of the best things about opting to wear a bun is that it is a great alternative to wearing a ponytail. With a bun for a short length, you don’t have to worry if you have enough hair to fill it out like you would with a ponytail. So sit back, and check out some of the best short bun hairstyles online!

#1: Curly Bun with Hair Flowers

It’s pretty fascinating what the right hair accessory can do for a hairstyle. Buns for short hair often need a little something extra to make them standout, and a single white floral accessory is the perfect compliment to a bun.

wedding bun for shorter hair

#2: Messy Bun with a Side Braid

There is also something to be said for what the addition of a well-placed braid or two can do for an ordinary hairstyle. Bun hairstyles are generally understated, but if you want to inject them with a little pizzazz, perhaps you should try rocking the effortless side braid seen in this photo.

simple low bun with a side braid

#3: Interlocking Braids, Compact Bun and Undercut

Braided hairstyles are an intricate way to take your locks from blah to bombshell. The interlocking braids seen on this bun for short hair add both depth and dimension to the overall edgy look.

braids into bun undercut hairstyle

#4: Sleek Side Bun

Sure, bun hairstyles that rest at the nape of the neck are the most popular, but the side bun is just as flattering, even for short hair. This one is polished, making it ideal for the office.

formal polished low side bun for medium hair

#5: Bun Updo with Braided Back

This slightly messy casual bun for short hair features a few details to keep it looking chic. Here’s a braided back and a top knot wrapped into a bandana – an easy and creative idea for a casual updo with a fun twist.

upside down braid into bun for short hair

#6: Double Flower and Sleek Chignon

Wearing a single flower in your hair is lovely, but wearing two at a time is even better. This cute chignon for short hair is almost too pretty to be real.

chignon for shorter hair

Source; therighthairstyles.com


MAMA’S Braid Style


Nice braid style for mama’s day out


10 Charming, Impressive, Funky Teeny Weeny Hairstyles


You can try any craziest color or come up with the most extraordinary texture – an extra short afro will withstand any bold experiment with dignity. Check out the 20 best inspirational images of women rocking short TWA hairstyles!

виды измененных корней #1: Light and Bright

Short and sassy afros are great for those with a taste for adventure! Give your super-short ’fro a light and bright blonde hue and watch your style illuminate… starting from the top! Keeping your afro short and tight shows off your facial features and bone structure, so make sure to smile and let people see that beautiful face.

blonde TWA hairstyle

тильда лиса выкройка #2: Pink Ombré Curls

Why should cotton candy hair be reserved for those with long locks? Get in on the fun by trying short TWA hairstyles with pastel colors worked in. And don’t worry, you’re not stuck with just blondes and pinks. You can go through the whole rainbow spectrum!

short pastel pink and blonde afro

http://gnet.su/img/sitemap2.html схема стеклоподъемника ваз 2107 #3: Twisted Blondie

Take those loose, free ringlets for a spin and tie them up all over your head. The result is a uniquely interesting look that’s still oh-so feminine and chic!

textured blonde TWA

#4: Buzzed and Beautiful

Channel your inner Amber Rose with a shaved and chiseled afro. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can rock a nearly-bald look. And, don’t worry, your hair is still there! Keep the top a bit long and let that mane be known!

short blonde afro with undercuts

#5: All Tied Up

Need a few ideas on how to style TWA hairstyles? Try a fun head scarf. It’s a great way to add some color and life to your hairstyle, and we all know that accessorizing is always a good thing.

blonde TWA hairstyle with textile headband

#6: The Off-Sides Afro

If you’re a daring gal with a need to REALLY change things up, it’s time to pick up that razor. Go for a shaved-down hairstyle with the hair longer up top. For added edge, dye the tips and go blonde for a bit!

short bleached afro with undercuts

#7: Curled and Carved

Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Have fun with different shapes and shades. Colorful, asymmetrical hairdos are sometimes best. Try getting an interesting shaved design on your head and plan your style around it!

short black and purple afro with shaved lines

#8: Striped Short Hair

Striped, short TWA hairstyles are another great way to show your edgy side. Thick strips of color make your cropped hair truly pop and stand out in the crowd. Make sure and pick colors that contrast nicely!

TWA with colored sections

#9: Fired-Up ‘Fro

Allow color and shape to come together in a beautiful way, giving your super-short waves an orangey-blonde ombré effect and shaving a bit off the sides. See if your style doesn’t heat up instantly!

ombre TWA hairstyle

#10: Crazy-Cool Razored Curls

Want to introduce even more edgy elements to your style? Get a clear path around your head for a uniquely cool look. For added “cool girl” points, give the top of your afro a little color! Whether it’s red, blue or green, your look will be far from boring.

black and red asymmetrical TWA hairstyle

Credit; therighthairstyles.com

Senegalese Twist Hairstyles


Senegalese twists, otherwise known as rope twists, are a protective style that is not only utilitarian, but it also serves as a striking addition to any hair styling routine. When hair needs a break or rest, especially from any harsh treatments/chemicals or heat damage, try twist styles for their versatility and elegance. Twists can be worn up or down, braided or knotted; for the office or kicking it, this style is a must-have in any lady’s hair gamut.

#1: Blue Braids for Days

With an asymmetrical top knot and two simple braids, this dramatic indigo blue style will demand attention. For a woman who isn’t afraid to be a little bold, it’s exactly what’s needed. To achieve this texture, opt for thin twists with Kanekalon hair.

thin blue Senegalese twists with Kanekalon hair

#2: Golden Tower of Twists

Featuring medium Senegalese twists toned with golden splendor, this style beckons to be seen. A high top knot with designer shaved sides, this look is for a woman who wants to be edgy. See a few burgundy pieces placed randomly? You can sure add some spice to your base color.

Senegalese twists with side undershaves

#3: Twisted Pompadour

For a playful look, try a faux-fringe the classic way. This vintage style is timeless and can be worn all the way up or, in this case, half up/half down. Either way, the side-sweeping fringe frames any face shape and highlights the eyes.

half updo for Senegalese twists

#4: Creative Twisted Updo

An updo is a classic hairstyle for African American ladies, and it’s equally suitable for work and play. Add some extra knots, twists, or braids to modernize your style. This look is beautiful from every angle. Ways to accessorize – add some bows, flowers, or feathers to really make it unique.

Senegalese twists twisted updo

#5: Marbled Braided Up-do

The eye-popping blond specks on the braided up-do are a lovely addition to the Senegalese twist hair battle. This updo’s sexy appeal doesn’t only come from its shape and curves, but also from its ability to highlight any woman’s face and neck.

two-tone thin twists in updo

#6: Chunky Purple Rain Twists

This half-up/half-down style with by a back flip-knot and some gorgeous electric purple twists, is a quick, easy style for those with little time on their hands. The thick twists taper towards the bottom, adding body to the top and sides of the head and offering more manageable ends.

thick Senegalese twists with purple highlights

#7: The Hi-Bun Bow

A high bun that loosely falls into a girly bow is a great compliment to the hair repertoire of any gal on the go. Perfect for medium to large twists, it’s for those who want to have an avant-garde hairstyle without all the fuss.

bow updo for Senegalese twists

#8: Thin Highlighted Twists

For a Senegalese twist hairstyle that won’t weight a girl down, choose small rope twists with an added color throughout for a dramatic effect. How to style? Pull the braids back into a low bun for a more serious look, or wear them freely hanging to let them shine and dance around your shoulders.

low bun for melange Senegalese twists


Source; therighthairstyle.com


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